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11th of May 2021

Privacy Policy

I, Sylvain Rodriguez (Obikin89), owner and author of, am very attached to transparency and protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy is made to explain which data is collected from you, how and why.


You can create an account on on the Register page. In order to do so, I ask of you a username, an email, and a password. You can also subscribe to a newsletter.

Your username and password are collected for you to log in. Your email is collected for you to receive emails when you modify your data (for security purposes), or ask for a new password, and to send you a newsletter (if you subscribed to it). I may also contact you by email to inform you of any major problem that would occur with

You can modify your username, email or password, or subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter, at any time. You can also delete your account at any time, which will remove your data from the database. All of these actions can be performed from the Account page.

These informations are not sold or divulgated to third parties.

Children Protection

I do not collect personnal data from children under the age of 13. As such, children under the age of 13 are not allowed to create an account.

Non Personnal Data

Non Personnal Data, data which does not contain information that can be used to identify a person, is collected automatically for analytics purposes. This includes the country from which your request comes from, IP address, operating system, browser, pages visited, time spent on each page, and link you clicked on to come on, if you clicked on one.

These data are both collected by my web host, Nuxit, and by Google.

It is possible to change the parameters of your browser, and use private browsing mode, to limit the information your browser shares with websites you visit.

You can limit the amount of information Google collects from you on this page.


Cookies are small text files stored on your browser. You can remove them whenever you want, from the privacy settings of your browser.

A cookie is stored on your browser when you accept the Terms and Services, and Privacy Policy, via the notice shown the first time you browse on Its purpose is to keep a proof that you accept them, and to avoid showing the notice each time you come back. It expires after 1 year.

A cookie is stored on your browser when you log in to an account on, to keep the session open when you select the "remember me" option. It expires after 1 year, or when you log out, from the Account page.

Cookies are also temporarily stored on your browser when you browse on, for analytics and session purposes. These are removed automatically when you close your browser.

Google also stores cookies on your browser to serve personalized ads to you on, if you allow them to. You can modify this setting on this page. I have no control over these cookies.


Through the use of Google Analytics and Google Adsense, which are third parties used to analyze the traffic and serve ads on, Google collects data from you.

You can limit the amount of information Google collects from you on this page.

Google may also store Cookies on your computer, to serve personalized ads to you, if you allow them to. You can modify this setting on this page.

Please read Google's Privacy Policy for more information.

Patreon and Paypal

These are third parties which you can use to support my work. Please read their Privacy Policy before using their services :

From these third parties, when you support me, I get access to your name (username on Patreon) and email. I use your username and email to identify your account on (in order to give you access to the Early Access section), and to contact you, to thank you and solve eventual problems that could occur.

I keep these informations, which are tied to the transaction, to fulfil legal obligations.


You can contact me on this email :, or at the following address :

Sylvain Rodriguez
25 rue de la Classerie
44400 Rezé

SIRET number : 897 905 402 00011

Web host

This website is hosted by Nuxit :

PHPNET France – Nuxit – Groupe Magic Online
97 – 97 Bis rue Général Mangin
38100 Grenoble