Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

Path of the Fallen

The Path of the Fallen campaign takes place directly after Descent into Avernus. To start this campaign, you first need to enter Vallenhas (by completing the quest "A House in Need", given by Sergeant Knox at level 80). Then you must seek Alric Vallenhas, who will give you the "A Friend in Need" quest, which will give you access to Avernus Wastes, where the campaign takes place. Once you have finished the campaign, you can obtain Zariel's Favors, a currency for the episodic content : The Redeemed Citadel. This event is now over, but you can still get some of the rewards for Zariel's Favors. It is no longer possible to get the rewards from the milestones though.

Important Items

⚠ Stats are not up to date, refer to the Equipment page instead of this section.

From Treasure Maps

From Garyx the Unforgivable (The Scab) and Siegebreaker Mog’dorath (Stygian Dock)

From Hunts

I'm only listing the relevant gear here. There are other loots, which you can look on the map below, but it's not worth it.

Tier 1 :

Tier 3 : all of the items below come from Nightspine, which lure requires the Lanter of Infernal Hellfire (Living Hellfire), the Shard of Infernal Ice (Reothadh the Frozen), and the Infernal Kite Shield (Caphriel), which come from the three different T2 hunts.

Treasure Maps

By killing monsters in Avernus Wastes, you can loot treasure maps. Once you get a map, and find the location it depicts, you can dig up a chest and loot its content. In these chests, you can find the Legion Guard weapons, some gear, and Canian Iron Bars (campaign currency), which do not count for the weekly haul !

The easiest way to farm treasure maps is to run over Manes in Avernus Wastes, as shown by Rainer in his video.

Once you have treasure maps, you can look at this map, made by Stephen, the best friend and editor of Northside, to find the location of all the chests.


Hunts will be released progressively with the Redeemed Citadel event. Completing the 1st milestone made available lures rank 1. Rank 1 bosses will not drop lures for rank 2 hunts until the second milestone is complete (so it may be a good idea to keep your lures) !

Here is a map which shows where you can get the components for lures and the items dropped by the bosses (thanks to Northside and his friends !).

The Redeemed Citadel Event

The Redeemed Citadel is an episodic content that will release more content every month for 4 months. It has 4 milestones, for which you can gain progress only when they are active, or whenever you want if you bought the Reforger's Blessing for the milestone. Once the server progress reaches 100% for the current milestone, new rewards and content will be released. But player progression for the milestone can continue until the release of the next milestone.

The Aasimar Race

If you buy all of the Reforger's Blessings from the Zen Market, once you have completed all of the milestones (yes you need to farm them, though you can do so whenever you want since you bought the blessings), you will be awarded with the Aasimar race.

The Aasimar race offers : +2 to any two ability scores, grants 1% HP to the whole party (not stackable), improves damage dealt, outgoing healing, incoming healing, and maximum hit points, and reduces damage taken, by 1%. As such, it is great for a Healer. Note that race bonuses are not game changer.

Milestone Rewards

For each milestone, if you earn enough of Zariel's Favors, you will be awarded up to 4 rewards (for which you need to earn 7k, 14k, 21k, and 28k Favors). If you bought the blessing for the milestone, you can receive 4 additionnal rewards.

Rewards for the 1st Milestone are : Teleport Scrolls to the Redeemed Citadel, the Blessed main hand weapon, the Blessed offhand weapon, and 100k AD. If you bought the blessing, you will also earn the Boots of the Rat King (skin for boots), Fiery Zariel (vanity pet), a choice of a 1100 item level ring, the Vanguard of the Citadel (rare companion with 8k HP and 1k Critical Avoidance, 16k HP and 2k Critical Avoidance once at legendary, non augment companion).

Completing the 1st milestone unlocked Tier 1 Hunts, new items available for purchase (the Blessed weapons for 10k Favors each, if you didn't unlock them while the milestone was running, and a couple of transmute items), and a mailbox was added to the Citadel. The Holy Vorpal enchantment is also available from the Zen Market. It's a regular rank 9 enchantment with a different skin.

Rewards for the 2nd Milestone are : Teleport Scrolls to the Redeemed Citadel, Holy Zariel (vanity pet), Tears of the Redeemed (necessary to upgrade the Blessed weapons to rare), 100k AD. If you bought the blessing for the milestone, you will also earn the Robes of the Haunted (skin for armor), the Reforger's Apron (fashion body), a choice of a 1100 item level ring, the Glorious Whirlwind (green mount with the Explosive Equalizer, aoe damage, combat power ; with the Dominant Force, Power + Combined Ratings, equip power ; and with enlightened, crescent and universal slots).

Completing the 2nd milestone unlocked Tier 2 Hunts and Zariel's Challenge (normal). The Golden Memories Artifact is also available from the Zen Market.

Rewards for the 3rd Milestone are : Teleport Scrolls to the Redeemed Citadel, the Reforger's Loupe (fashion hat), Tuning Tongs of the Divine (necessary to upgrade the Blessed weapons to epic), 100k AD. If you bought the blessing for the milestone, you will also earn the Hood of the Watcher (skin for helmet), Little Lulu (vanity pet), Blessed Garments of the Herald (1100 item level shirt and pants), Blessed Artifacts of the Herald (Divine Focus necklace, and Celestial Sash belt).

Completing the 3rd milestone unlocked Tier 3 Hunts and a new Heroic Encounter. Soradiel (companion) is also available from the Zen Market.

Rewards for the 4rth Milestone are : Teleport Scrolls to the Redeemed Citadel, Anvils of the Chorus (necessary to upgrade the Blessed weapons to legendary), 100k AD, and Duchess's Blessing (a reagent to upgrade something yet unknown ?). If you bought the blessing for the milestone, you will also earn the Crown of Candles (skin for helmet), Reforger's Pants (fashion pants), 3 Blessed Gifts of the Companion (choice for 1100 item level companion gear), a Premium Legendary Insignia Choice Pack.

Completing the 4th milestone unlocked and the Celestial Forge, which lets you buy the Divine Armor equipment (for 10k Zariel's Favors each, it's a replica of the Lion Guard equipment with lower item level). It also lets you upgrade most of the gear from Hunts, plus the Divine Armor equipment (that will have 10 item level more than the Lion Guard equipment), for the price of a Duchess's Blessing (one of which is obtained with milestone 4, the others can be bought for 12 Zariel's Favors)... And none of this is worth your time. There's also new fashion items, including a Starfade Cape and Angel Wings (both cost 20k Zariel's Favors). And the Celestial Wings are available in the Zen Market.

Leaderboard Reward

For each milestone, the 100 players who contributed the most to server progress will be awarded a reward with a unique skin. It will be possible to buy an equivalent reward with a different skin from the Zen Market.

The reward for the 1st milestone is the Divine Vorpal Enchantment, rank 9 (a regular Vorpal enchantment, with a unique skin). Players can alternatively buy the Holy Vorpal Enchantment (a regular Vorpal enchantment, rank 9, with another skin) from the Zen Market.

The reward for the 2nd milestone is the Scathing Light artifact, which is equivalent to the Golden Memories artifact (available from the Zen Market once the milestone is over), except the animation looks a bit different. It's not a game changer artifact. 6k HP, 3k Power, 1.5k Critical Strike, active deals some damage and improves your damage by up to 15% (3% per target hit), set improves your Incoming Healing by 3% and gives you 5k Power when you are healed. There are better active artifacts and sets, and many alternatives with the exact same stats.

Reward for milestone 3 is Zariel, a striking companion with a Defense Power giving 4% Critical Severity and 2k Critical Strike at Legendary. She has a power that makes ennemies take 1% more damage, which is not much compared to the 4% the Stalwart Golden Lion gives. I don't know how she fares in combat, and companion damage will be updated "soon" anyway. Soradiel (available in the Zen Market) has the same powers.

Reward for milestone 4 are the Divine Wings (Legendary mount, single character) which are golden while the Celestial Wings (available in the Zen Market, account-wide) are white/blueish. Their Equip Power gives Critical Avoidance, while their Combat Power deals 1000 aoe damage +100 against Demons, Devils, and Fiends.

Buying or Not Buying the Blessings

While this is something you have to decide for yourself, none of the items you can obtain with the blessings are game changer. You can obtain equivalent items by playing the game normally. Future mods will make the items obsolete anyway. And the Aasimar race, while great, is mostly a skin for your characters. So, you're not losing much if you cannot afford the Blessings. And, if you want to buy them, do it to support the game and/or for the skins.

Farming or Not Farming Zariel's Favors

It is clear that the rewards for players who didn't buy the Blessings are lacking. You will mostly gain a set of weapons which are basically on par with Lionheart weapons (but you can fully upgrade them only once the 4rth milestone has started). By farming Zariel's Favors, you can mostly gain 5 wards a week, and 10k AD a day (already refined !). Is this worth your time ? It's up to you to decide (it adds up to 1.1M AD and 80 wards total if you pick them all). If you can complete the weekly challenges, you'll gain enough Favors for the wards and most of the AD. If you'd rather spend time to focus on Lionheart weapons (or Celestial's), or already have them, then there's no real use for the Blessed weapons.

Furthermore, if you bought the blessings, you will be able to farm all of the milestone rewards at the same time once all of the milestones are released.

In my opinion that's the worst event we've had, in the worst mod we've had. It's super grindy for almost no rewards. The hunts are the only interesting thing... Except it means running in circle in an empty zone for hours and hours to find monsters which more often than not will not give you lures. Once you have a lure, you can fight a Tier 1 hunt, which will often not reward anything. If you are lucky with a Tier 2 lure, then there's still RNG to get the items for the Tier 3 lure... and there's again RNG on your loot. If you could get tons of Tier 1 lures, I wouldn't care too much... But farming Tier 1 lures already feels like a chore to me, so I don't do it.

Nothing is great in this. Don't waste your time : farm dungeons and hope for good loots. That's a much better use of your time. Of course, if you absolutely want something from the event, go for it ! But appart from the Blessed weapons (if you cannot get Lionheart or Celestial weapons), there's really not much.