Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter

Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter

Hello Adventurers ! This is a guide for every player of the video game Neverwinter, which is a Free to Play game available on PC (via the Arc launcher, Steam, or Epic Games), Playstation, and Xbox. I've worked a full year to give you a proper guide on every aspect of the game. I hope it will answer most of your questions !

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This website is the result of more than a full year of work almost full time. It first started on with my Guide for Clerics (which took an entire month to make and more time to update for mod 18 and mod 19).

My work on this website is now over, but if you consider this work is worth it, then you can make my time working on it a bit more rewarding.

Last Updates on the Website

November 2021

This is the last update on this website. The Early Access section was removed, and all of the content can now be accessed freely (including the new Leveling and Equipment pages for mod21). All of the Accounts were terminated (database does not contain any of your information anymore).

The Patreon page was closed, as there will be no new content on the website. You can still support my work on Paypal. Though there will be no counterpart to your donation, I will still be very grateful for it !

The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions were updated accordingly to the changes.

Previous Updates

Mod 22 announced !

I will not cover it, but I hope it won't be a total disaster like mod 19/20/21...

Who am I ?

Hi ! I am Astrielle@Obikin89, Devout Cleric, playing on PS4, in the Dominion of Lost Souls guild.

I’ve been playing since the 4th of September 2018 (mod 14). And, progressing at a steady pace, I have beaten LoMM and IC on the day they were available (without buying campaign accelerators). I finally beat ToMM (in mod 18) and got my Lionheart weapons thanks to fantastic training runs with my guild. I am looking forward to beating Zariel !

Since mid 2020, I've worked full time on this website, to bring you the best guide possible. At first it was a small project to rehabilitate myself to the web technologies after having eye problems for years. Because of the mod 20 combat changes, it ended up being a way bigger thing.

I stopped playing and uninstalled the game on the 16th of October 2021. My adventure is over.


You can contact me at