Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter

Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter

Hello Adventurers ! This is a guide for every player of the video game Neverwinter, which is a Free to Play game available on PC (via the Arc launcher, Steam, or Epic Games), Playstation, and Xbox. I've worked months to give you a proper guide on every aspect of the game. I hope it will answer most of your questions !

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If you like my guide, think it's helpful, that it saved you time or resources, please consider supporting me. Working on this is extremely time consuming (it's really a full time job), and I need your support to be able to give you more content and good updates !

For 3€ a month, you will have access to the Early Access section ! (read here for the details)

There will be no new content in the Early Access section after the month of October, as I'll stop working on this once the update for mod 21 is done.

Last Updates on the Website

August 2021

The Mod 21 page for the Cleric Class is now available in the Early Access section !

The High Level priorities for Mod20 are now available for everyone ! It already needs a small refresh with mod 21, but it's small stuff like item level values for queues and the new Adventure system. It will be updated very soon for everyone.

The page for Leveling needs a proper rework though. And I'll work on it soon too.

I still hope to complete the database soon (working on the Cleric page was way too much work). This will be the last big thing I develop here.

I've worked for more than a full year on this website. It was a small project at first, and it ended up being colossal and really not worth my time lately. Plus, the state of the game makes everything way more complicated than it should be, and I'm wasting tons of time testing every single thing... and that's just too much work. I'm not being paid by Cryptic to be their quality control team, and I just hate the way things are nowadays, to the point I've only played a single dungeon during mod 20. So I'm only completing the few things I want done, as a last experience before I start working on other projects, which are not dependant on a cryptic studio... The website will still be there for you, and I'll probably keep updating it, as long as it's just small things. Ads will probably cover the costs of the servers (barely but that should be good enough) so there's no risk of the website closing any time soon. I'm more worried about Cryptic changing everything entirely again, which would make it obsolete again (thanks mod 20, I hate you)... and I will not waste my time on updating everything again from scratch. So expect next month to be my last month as a Neverwinter full time content creator. Working on the website was a great experience. It's just a shame that the game became what it is, and that I can't make it a sustainable business (even working 1 week a month on this would not be worth it). But I'll be developping another project, which I've left because of my eyes, for the past 3 years, and now I'm feeling better and ready to get back to work (though it's another personnal project I'll really have to make profitable this time).

Previous Updates

Mod 21 is Live with the Bard !

Who am I ?

Hi ! I am Astrielle@Obikin89, Devout Cleric, playing on PS4, in the Dominion of Lost Souls guild.

I’ve been playing since the 4th of September 2018 (mod 14). And, progressing at a steady pace, I have beaten LoMM and IC on the day they were available (without buying campaign accelerators). I finally beat ToMM (in mod 18) and got my Lionheart weapons thanks to fantastic training runs with my guild. I am looking forward to beating Zariel !

Since mid 2020, I've worked full time on this website, to bring you the best guide possible. At first it was a small project to rehabilitate myself to the web technologies after having eye problems for years (it's not fully over but it's getting better). Because of the mod 21 combat changes, it ended up being a way bigger thing.