Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 21


People will always think "this class" or "that one" is way better, or way worse than the others... The truth is everything is viable. You can beat any content with any class. Skill and knowledge make much more of a difference than the class you pick. And whatever class you pick, it will be considered the best at one point and the worst 6 months later. So, play whatever you enjoy playing, and stop comparing yourself with the others (especially on the leaderboard, which means absolutely nothing at all, as it doesn't take into account the buffs you provide, and companions dying and reviving is considered "healing"... yup, it's totaly broken and meaningless).


The main thing to consider when you pick your class, is the role you want to play in dungeons. A group in random queues is always made of 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 3 Damage Dealers. As usual in mmorpg's, there are way more Damage Dealers than Tanks or Healers. So, if you want to do dungeons quickly, consider playing as a Tank or Healer. It's only at level 30 that you can choose your Paragon, which determines your role in dungeons. You can play both paragon paths on the same character thanks to loadouts (you have 2 for free at level 30). Here is the list of which roles each class can have :

Tactical power

Every class has a specific way to avoid or mitigate damage in the form of a Tactical power. You will use this power very often, and it's a big part of the gameplay. It uses Stamina (either a small green bar, visible on the left side of the icon of your Tactical power, bottom left of the bottom panel on consoles, or a small blue bar on top of your daily power icosahedron orange meter in the middle of the bottom panel on PC). Here is the list of the Tactical power of each class :


This is what you should consider the most. Enjoying the gameplay of your class is everything. You can outperform almost everyone if you play your class properly and know how to build your character.

If you want to play mainly as a Tank :

If you want to play mainly as a Healer :

If you want to play mainly as a Damage Dealer :

It only takes a couple of weeks to level up a new character to level 80, so test them out to play what's the most fun to you !