Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 20

Zen Market

If you can buy an item available on the Zen Market from the Auction House, you can always buy it cheaper from the Zen Market (during a sale or with a coupon). All it takes is patience. This game is played on the long run, if you want to eventually max out your character. If you buy everything full price, you'll progress on the moment, but it will take much longer for you to reach very end game. There are also many items you can only buy on the Zen Market, especially VIP.

Acquiring Zen

You can buy Zen with real money.

Or you can exchange Astral Diamonds with Zen (player to player exchange). The maximum rate is 750 AD per Zen. This rate is reached on PC and PS4. It's better on Xbox. It can happen that no one is selling Zen. In which case, the first person to have made a proposition will be served when someone brings Zen to the market. This means that there are times you have to wait for a relatively long time to get your AD exchanged to Zen, especially on PC.

Taking Advantage on Sales and Coupons

There are big sales during the Anniversary (June), for the Black Friday (November), and during the Winter Festival (December). If you save your Zen for these, you can save 30% off of your purchases. That means you can buy almost 43% more stuff than usual ! That’s a VIP 12 for 7140 Zen instead of 10200. You are saving yourself about a month of daily AD.

If you need something at a moment there are no sales, invoke your god on many characters until you get a coupon for whatever you are willing to buy. There are 25% coupons for many of the items, 33% coupons for mounts, 20% coupons for anything. It would be a waste not to use one. A coupon doesn’t add up with a sale : if you have a 20% coupon and there is a 20% or higher sale, your coupon will have no effect. But a coupon will replace a sale if it’s better : an item will sell at -25% if you have a -25% coupon and there is a 20% sale. You get the best out of the two.

Best Things to Buy