Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

M19 Race

Keep in mind that race bonuses are very small and that the most important thing to consider when creating your character is how good it looks to you. You will play with this character for many hours, maybe hundreds, even thousands, if you really like the game. There are ways to change the race or appearance of your character, but you won’t get them often, at least not for free (you can get them in the Zen Market). There are races (indicated by the icon : (Premium Race)) you have to buy to be able to play them (in the Zen Market, Auction House, or directly with real money, depending on the race).

Details :

Best races :

As a Tank :

(Premium Race) Dragonborn > (Premium Race) Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn > (Premium Race) Aasimar > (Premium Race) Gith > Half-Orc > Dwarf > Any with Constitution > Any

Incoming Healing and HP are very important for a Tank, and that makes Dragonborn, and Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn, the best races for a Tank. Aasimar is also a very good race for a tank because of this. Stamina regeneration is also crucial, and that makes Gith a very good race for a Tank too. From the non-premium races, Half-Orc is a race with great bonuses (movement speed being quite interesting for Tanks), and Dwarf is a good race too. Any other race is good enough, especially those with bonus stat points, as Tanks need to cap almost all of their stats.

As a Healer :

(Premium Race) Aasimar > (Premium Race) Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn > (Premium Race) Dragonborn > Wood Elf > Half-Orc > Any with Wisdom > Any

Aasimar is certainly the best race for a Healer because of the Outgoing Healing and extra HP given to the party. Any race with Wisdom and Constitution or Dexterity bonuses is great for Healers, especially Dragonborn races, and Wood Elf (for the Critical Strike). Half-Orc is the race which actually improves the average heal the most, but it's best to improve regular heals more than critical ones. Any other race is good enough. Keep in mind that 1% Outgoing Healing is a ridiculously small bonus.

As a Damage Dealer :

(Premium Race) Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn > (Premium Race) Dragonborn > Tiefling > (Premium Race) Aasimar > Half-Orc > (Premium Race) Gith > Any with Strength or Intelligence and Dexterity > Any

For the 3% damage bonus, Dragonborn races are the best for a Damage Dealer. The Tiefling race is also very potent, as they deal 5% more damage to targets below 50% HP (an average 2.5% damage, not always effective at the best times... but there are a couple of dps checks on targets with low HP, on which the 5% bonus will be fully effective). For the small damage boost and the extra survivability, the Aasimar race is pretty good for a Damage Dealer. Half-Orc is a good race for melee Damage Dealers, especially for the Critical Severity. Gith is also a quite good race, as it offers 5000 Combat Advantage, which is a stat Damage Dealers need plenty of. Other races are good enough. Keep in mind that 2-3% damage make very little difference compared to the way you play.