Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

M19 Boons

Campaign Boons

As you complete campaigns, you will get access to boons (4 to 8 points per campaign, to a current maximum of 75 points).

Tier 1-4 boons

Anyone, any class, any role, should pick these :

If you have remaining points, once you have picked these and your Tier 5 and Master boons, you can use your remaining points to balance your stats. The boons increasing damage against specific creatures are too situationnal to be really useful. Those improving your potion, or the gold gain, are totally useless.

Tier 5 boons

You can only pick 2 of those boons :

Tanks should pick Welcome Blessing and either Second Wind or Quick Turnaround.

Healers should pick Blessed Touched and either Call of Power or Severe Criticism.

Damage Dealers should pick Severe Criticism and either Quick Turnaround or Call of Power.

Master boon

You can only pick 1 of these boons :

Tanks and Damage Dealers should pick Focused Retaliation. Alternatively, Damage Dealers can pick Deathly Rage to kill small monsters quickly (go back to Focused Retaliation for bosses). Blood Lust is only good if you know you won't get hit much.

Healers should pick Blessed Advantage.

Guild Boons

Being in a level 20 guild is a huge advantage : you will have access to 3 very big boons at their maximum power (and that’s also a total of 1500 item level, useful to unlock access to dungeons and random queues), plus 1 PVP boon (which doesn't improve item level). It also means people to enjoy the game with. You can select a single boon in each category (Offense, Defense, Utility, and PVP). As a guild can only have 4 out of the 7 buildings related to boons (which are the Barrack, the Explorer's Guild, the Mercenary Outpost, the Stable, the Training Yard, the Wizard's Workshop, and the Temple), you will not have access to all of the boons. Pick your guild wisely ! Guild boons can be changed whenever you want for free.


In Offense, there are only 3 boons worth mentionning :

While Healers only care about Power (Critical Severity also being a good option if you use your powers often, though less reliable as it only improves heals which are high in the first place), Tanks and Damage Dealers prioritize capping Armor Penetration, then Critical Severity (especially if Critical Strike is capped), or Power (if Power is below 50k or you do not have access to the Critical Severity boon).


In Defense, there are only 3 boons worth mentionning :

While anyone is better with the Defense Bonus if they don't have their Defense capped, Tanks are better with the Incoming Healing Bonus. Healers and Damage Dealers are better with the Hit Points Bonus.


In Utility, there are actually many good options :

The Mount Speed Bonus is the obvious choice to make life better. But there are many places where you cannot use your mount (most of the dungeons). The Experience Points Bonus is good to level up a character, but also good at level 80 to benefit from overflow experience rewards (some RAD and refinement points when you accumulate 125k experience points, with diminishing returns when that happens multiple times in the same day). If you have explorer's charts (which you can buy at your Stronghold with Guild Marks), always collect the materials with the Treasure Hunter boon and during a Double Profession event to get 4 times the expensive materials ! The Revive Sickness boon is good for high end trials where losing too many Hit Points means you'll get killed by every single mechanic. The Group Heal Potion Bonus is not exactly great as the very best potions (Potions of Radiant Healing +1, alchemy lvl 80 craft) only heal for 74k HP, but 55k HP for the whole group is better than nothing, even though that's only about 10% of the HP of a very end game player. The Healing Potion Bonus is actually okay if you're having trouble in a specific area and do not use Stones of Health.


These boons only impact the PVP overload enchantments (Mark of Stamina Drain, and Wards) which you can buy from the Gemmonger at your Stronghold. Your guild can have the Siege Smithy building, which offers boons which protect against these enchantments, or the Siege Workshop, which gives access to boons which improve these enchantments.

PVP Boons

The most important boons for PVP are the Critical Strike and the Critical Avoidance boons, in Tier 1. Tier 2 boons are pretty situationnal. For the Tier 3 boon, Tanks and Damage Dealers are better with the Role Reversal boon, while Healers are good with the Deep Wound boon.