Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

M19 Artifacts

Upgrading Artifacts

Artifacts are very expensive to upgrade. They require a total of about 500k Refinement Points (RP) each to reach Mythic quality. So, yes, you will need 2 million RP to upgrade all 4 artifacts. These are not a priority. Focus on your main hand weapon first and foremost. Then on your bonding runestones. Artifacts come later. Start with your active artifact, so that you can use a cool power to help you, then on your passive artifacts to get better stats. A green lvl 1 artifact is good enough for set bonuses.

Active Artifacts

They give you stats, but the main thing is their power. At Mythic quality, their cooldow is 60s. Do not forget to use them. Some of them are pretty powerful !

Active Debuff Artifacts

The most important of them are debuff artifacts. It’s important for endgame content that people use different debuff artifacts, because they do not stack if they are the same (unless they are at different quality !), but they stack together if they are different.

Other Active Artifacts

All of these can be used as a main artifact. The Sigil of the Cleric is very easy to get and a good artifact to start with : having your daily more often can be very convenient. The Sigil of the Paladin is the most useful to mitigate damage. The Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue is a good little trick for those who are not VIP rank 7 (only use it when soloing, you can’t change it that easily because of the cooldown).

Take into account the fact that active artefacts powers are limited to their rare (blue) version in scaled content (random queues). Only the cooldown and stats can be improved at higher qualities.

Passive Artifacts

For passive Artifacts, you mostly care about the stats. The ones given to you at the start of Undermoutain at lvl 70 are good enough to start with. But eventually, you will take the artifacts from Undermountain (which are item level 300, while the others are only item lvl 150).

The ones with Power are certainly the best, but the others are good if you need the stats.

Artifact Sets

That may also be the place where you will put an artifact to complete a set with your neck and waist items. These include :

These are very situational. Look at which waist and neck you want first. The Book of Vile Darkness is best in Avernus. The Orcus set is still very good in scaled content. Any other can be good depending on your playstyle.

Storyteller’s Journals

If you participated in the Tales of Old Event, you may have collected the 4 Storyteller’s Journals. These are the best artifacts in the game. They give lots of stats (though less than Undermountain artifacts). But most importantly, they give 2 set bonuses which boost your HP a lot and improve your damage a bit. If you have a set bonus with your waist and neck, you can still use 3 Journals and benefit from all of the set bonuses. If you do not have a set bonus with your waist and neck, you can either use 3 journals as passive + a good active artifact or all 4 journals with one of them as active.

Active Journal (if you unlocked all of their powers)

Passive Journals

Set Bonuses

That’s a total of about 7.5k Power and 46k HP + many other stats and bonuses. With the Undermountain+Avernus artifacts, you get 7k more Power at the cost of 40k HP… Considering Power has relatively low returns for a healer (because more Power = less critical chance), If you have the Journals, use them. If you don’t, let’s hope they become available again in the future.

Unfortunately, the Tales of Old event is not planned to come back in the near future. That said, the difference with Undermountain+Avernus artefacts is not extremely big. It’s mostly a trade between Power and HP.

Halaster’s Blast Scepter and the Sword of Zariel are on par with the Tales artifacts (less HP, but more Power, and Critical Strike, which is perfect for a Devout Cleric, if you do not need the HP).