Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

M19 Equipment

Equipment does not even make half of your stat points (most of them come from companions). But weapon damage is the main modifier for your damage and healing. And, at high level, items have Equip powers that are pretty powerful and make more of a difference than the stats they offer you.

While Leveling

While leveling, just pick whatever you find. The only thing that makes a real difference is your main hand weapon (for its weapon damage), so make sure to always have a weapon at a proper level (you can exchange tokens for rare equipment in most regions, always pick the main hand weapon first). Note that Rangers and Rogues also use their Off-hand weapon to deal damage, so these are also very important for them. Stats on gear are meaningless if you have an augment companion with good bonding runestones and companion gear.

At level 70, start the Undermountain campaign to get a full set of items that are better than anything you've got so far.

Do not use Refinement Points and materials to upgrade anything until you reach maximum level. It would be a waste of resources, and you'll need tons of them later.

At max level

Let’s start with the fact that higher item level (ilvl) doesn’t mean better gear. Of course, stats are important but the Equip Power, which does not influence item level, is much more important. This is why low item level items with +% damage are way better on Damage Dealers than high item level gear with only better stats. Two identical Equip powers usually won't stack. The exception is : identical powers with +% damage to At-Will/Encounter/Daily/Ranged/Melee can usually stack twice.

Once you reach lvl 80, you can get Protégé gear from Seals of the Deep (obtained from random dungeons/skirmishes), at the Yawning Portal in Undermoutain (or with the Seal Vendor from VIP).

You can also get Infernal Forged gear from Seals of the Fallen (obtained in random epic and trial queues), on the left side outside the stronghold in Vallenhas, in Avernus (or with the Seal Vendor from VIP).

If you do not have the items listed below, Protégé and then Infernal Forged gear, are good options. Some of them are actually best in slot in many situations.

Once you have your "definitive" items for the current mod, do not forget Armor Kits and Jewels !


Weapon Damage is very important to determine both your damage and healing, and the damage and healing of your companion (if it's not an augment), so always pick the weapon with the highest weapon damage during your progression. At level 80, pick the Legion Guard weapons right away and upgrade them to epic max rank. Blessed weapons, despite having better weapon damage, are usually not as good as Lionheart weapons because the Equip power they offer is a bit lacking (in particular circumstances Blessed can be better, especially if you are using a companion that deals a lot of damage like Xuna or the Abyssal Chicken, or if you use lots of stamina, but as long as your stamina is above 75% and you're using an augment companion, Lionheart are better). Celestial weapons have an underwhelming Equip power too, but the weapon damage alone makes them better than the Lionheart ones, so the Equip power doesn't matter much ; except for Tanks, who can keep their Lionheart weapons for the damage mitigation they can offer.

Weapon Modifications

Artifact Weapons (which are the ones you can upgrade), have modifications you can pick. It costs 4 Cubes of Augmentation (bought in the Wondrous Bazaar for 10k AD each) to randomly unlock and pick a new modification, and 5k AD to go back to a previously unlocked modification. Furthermore, the Off-hand Weapon has a modification you can improve. It costs 1 Cube of Augmentation to roll a value. If the value is higher than your current one, it will be changed, otherwise it will be left unchanged. This is random, with a maximum, so it's easy to boost your stat at first, but more complicated when the value is already high.

Main Hand modification :

Off-hand first modification :

Tanks should pick Incoming Healing.

Healers and Damage Dealers should pick Critical Severity.

Off-hand second modification :

Pick whatever you need the most here.

For Healers, the best ones are either the Whisper's Hood of Quiet (if they can sustain the stacks) or the Lion Guard’s Restoration Coif. Alternatively, they can use Goristro's Horns, if they need the Critical Strike. In ToMM, the Helm of the Skyblazer will give more Power than the others.

For Damage Dealers, the best ones are the Whisper's Hood of Quiet. The Lion Guard's ones are still pretty good. In ToMM, the Protégé’s one is best. The Infernal Forged Coif is nice for solo if you do not have Lion Guard's.

Tanks, do not really have good helms for them. Protégé’s is best in ToMM. Lion Guard's is good anywhere else. It's more about the stats than the Equip Power.


For a Tank, the Infernal Forged armor is actually pretty good, especially in a group of 5. The Breastplate of the Crusader can also be good if you play with a Paladin.

For a Healer, the best is the Bone Devil's Ribcage. But the Stealer of the Star's Hides is still pretty good. Alternatively, the Ebonized or Scavenger's armors are good enough. It's hard to reach 10 stacks with a healer, so the Scavenger's doesn't matter much. For a Paladin, or a Soulweaver playing whith shields, the Breastplate of the Crusader is interesting but the Bone Devil's Ribcage is still better.

For a Damage Dealer, the best is the Scavenger's armor. Alternatively, the Bone Devil's Ribcage, Stealer of the Star's Hides and Ebonized armors are good enough (especially if you can't keep more than 5 stacks up). The Executionner's Black Garbs are also a solid choice (almost as good as Stealer of the Star’s).


The best for a Tank are the Shielded Defender Vambrace. Mercenary of the Maze's Braces, can be a good or better alternative, depending on the monsters you fight.

Healers are best with the Lion Guard's, but can also benefit from the damage mitigation of the Spiked Defender Vambrace.

Damage Dealers are best with the Spiked Defender Vambrace or the Lion Guard's. The Shielded Defender Vambrace can be used too if you do not get hit too often (though they do not offer offensive stats). The Primal Restoration Isikrinis is a potent alternative (potentially more Power, at the cost of stats and HP), while the Trapper of the Twilight's Braces and Stealer/Sentinel of the Star's Braces are good to start with. The Frenzy Mitts are also a good alternative against groups of monsters, while the Balor Braces are a better alternative.


For a Tank, Wisps of the Shadow Demon are the best, but Armando's Dueling Boots are nice to start with.

For a Healer, the best ones are either the Greaves of the Lightguard or the Greaves of the Fallen Angel, but Infernal Forged are still good.

For a Damage Dealer, the best ones are either the Greaves of the Lightguard, or the Rusted Iron Leggings (if you do not need the Incoming Healing). The Greaves of the Fallen Angel are also pretty good. Alternatively, the Infernal Forged (for end game trials), Lion Guard's (for groups of monsters), or the Mighty Storm Slippers (for solo if you do not use your daily power too often) are still good. The Stealer of the Star's are an okay alternative to Lion Guard's.

Neck and Waist

Neck and Waist Artifacts are mostly used for their set power, so the stats do not matter that much (though lower item level means a lot less HP, and HP are pretty valuable for high end trials). Tanks and Healers do not have fantastic sets (or very low item level ones), and can sometimes do without one.

For Tanks :

For Healers :

For Tanks or Healers who want to improve the damage of their party :

For Damage Dealers :

Tanks are best with the Redeemed set, but can also be pretty effective with the Vistani set or the Valhalla's Rebuke set (whether you prefer offense or defense for the group).

Healers are best with the Tiamat set. But it's a very low item level set, and it id often preferable to use the Glorious Light or Enchanted Thumb set. The Lathander set is pretty effective to start epic queues, especially with a Soulforged enchantment. The Apocalypse set is nice to boost the party damage if you use an offensive At-Will power.

Damage Dealers are best with the Apprentices' Spoils set (also called Music box set). In Avernus and places where there are demons (The Infernal Citadel, Demogorgon trial, etc.), the Dark Remnants set is best.


Most of the rings shown below have a legendary and an epic variant. Only the stats for the Legendary variant will be shown, but the stats for the Epic version are about the same (power is exactly the same, stats are very slightly lower). So do not worry about only getting the Epic one. The Legendary variant is usually not worth the cost.

Rings from Garyx the Unforgivable (The Scab) and Siegebreaker Mog’dorath (Stygian Dock), in Avernus Wastes :

Rings from the Redeemed Citadel Event :

Rings from ToMM (high end trial), available on the Auction House :

Others :

Tanks are best with the Ring of the Condemned (threat when running), Ring of the Overwhelmed (10% damage mitigation when running), Defending Rings (3% less damage taken from Ranged attacks), or Vallenhas Family Seal (3% less damage taken from Demons, Devils, and Fiends). But any ring that helps them cap their stat is also good.

Healers are best with the Ring of the Fallen Power +4 or +5, and a Striking Ring or a Scale Ring.

Damage Dealers are best with the rings that boost their damage the most : Striking Rings (Melee), Guiding Rings (Ranged), Gold Rings (At-Wills) or Plated Rings (Encounters). Note that two of the same rings may unbalance your stats (especially Striking and Guiding rings). Ebonized rings are an option to benefit from different stats and the 3% damage to Melee or Ranged attacks.


Tanks and Healers are best with the Upper Pact Brands of the Inferno or the Infernal Forged Shirt (if they need the Action Points). There are also Shirts with high single stats, obtainable from Fragment Expeditions in the Stardock (Undermountain), or randomly from treasure maps in Avernus Wastes, which can benefit you if you need to cap your stats (this is not the best way to cap them though).

Damage Dealers are best with the Upper Pact Brands of the Inferno. But the Ebony Stained Shirt is still great, and can actually boost damage more if you have more than 200k Power.


Tanks are best with the Ebony Stained Trousers.

Healers and Damage Dealers are best with the Infernal Forged Trousers. There are also high single stats trousers from Fragment Expeditions, or from treasure maps in Avernus Wastes, that can benefit you if you need to cap your stats (this is not the best way to cap them though).


Equipment can be modified with Kits, on Head, Armor, Arms, and Feet pieces, and Jewels on Neck and Waist pieces, and Rings. These Kits and Jewels boost one of your stats a bit, and can be crafted at your workshop with high level professions (Greater at level 60, Major at level and 70). You can only put 1 modification on your equipment, and it can be overwritten. We will only focus on Major Kits and Jewels +1s, as Greater ones are just the same but not as good, and with the proper tools (Cobalt are good enough), you can make the +1 version 100% of the time. These cost AD to craft, and without the proper artisan (-75% commission costs, though -50% only for Artificing), it is preferable to buy them directly from the Auction House.

Kits on Head, Armor, Arms, and Feet

Here is the list of all of the Major Kits +1, with the profession and artisans you need to craft them for cheap :

These are not very expensive with the proper artisans, so they are perfect to balance your stats !

Jewels on Neck, Waist, and Rings

Here is the list of all the Major Jewels +1. All of them are made with Jewelcrafting, using Haie Xilomne (common artisan). Alternatively, Aiha Amaphilel (rare artisan) is almost as good (only lacks passion project) :

Stamina Regeneration Jewels are fantastic, and not just for Tanks but for everyone. Of course, capping Combat Advantage takes priority for Damage Dealers.