Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 18

Descent Into Avernus

Descent into Avernus is an end game campaign. To start this campaign, you will need to complete the quest "A House in Need", given by Sergeant Knox at level 80. In Vallenhas, the area where the campaign takes place, you will be able to find rare monsters (hunts, no lure required), and farm Juma Bags (which reward tons of good stuff).

Important Items

⚠ Stats are not up to date, refer to the Equipment page instead of this section.

From hunts and Juma bags

From the Infernal Citadel dungeon

Artefact Set

Set Bonus : increase damage dealt by 2.5%, +2.5% more against demons, devils and fiends. Best in the mod 18 area and a couple other places like Demogorgon. Drop from the Infernal Citadel.


Bosses also drop items that are necessary to buy the Lion Guard Set in the campaign store. You can only get one item per week, so choose wisely and pass on items you do not want (you need 3 or 4 items to get a single piece of gear). These pieces of gear, apart from the armor piece, are pretty good. Though many of them are situational and may not be the best, depending on your playstyle.

From Seals of the Fallen

You get Seals of the Fallen every time you beat an Heroic Encounters in Vallenhas, or when you complete Epic or Trial Random queues (once a day). These seals can be used to buy items from a Seal Trader. The Boots are particularly interesting for boss fights (especially long ones). Clothes are great but there are alternatives with specific ones from FE’s. Other items are good to start with, but not best in slot.

Rares Monsters

In order to get many of the new items in Vallenhas, you can look for specific rare monsters that can drop specific pieces of gear (drop rate seems pretty high, but it’s not guaranteed). These monsters only spawn when their surroundings are cleared from other monsters or heroic encounters. If they are patrolling, it is also required to get rid of the patrols on the same path. Here are two maps that show the different items rare monsters drop, where they spawn, and their patrol path if they have one.

Northside’s map, which shows all the items, monsters and paths.

@Scoaterboat0 and @cakecarrot96’s map, which shows more detailed paths, but not the items associated to the monsters.

Juma Bags

Juma is an imprisoned merchant on the left side, outside of the Stronghold, close to the Seal vendor and the target dummies. For 100 Chaotic Writings, he will give you a Suprise Bag. In this bag, you can get a piece of gear (any from the Antiquities of Avernus, in the Descent into Avernus collection), some AD, or occasionnaly a random mount or companion, or companion upgrade tokens (20). The easiest ways to get Chaotic Writings are by farming Heroic Encounters throughout Vallenhas (especially the Siege and Balgura ‘Ape’ ones) or by doing any quest in Vallenhas (your weekly quests give you plenty).

Rage of Bel

The rage of Bel update added a new farm to the game. It starts with the Infernal Reconnaissance quest from Alric. After a series of quests, you will receive an amulet which you can charge by 20% every day in Insurgencies. Once it’s at 100% it will be upgraded to the next quality, until it reaches Mythic. This upgrade gives you access to the best rewards from Alyssa Misdani, and the box she sells will also be updated with new rewards. You will also receive a trinket (which you can put in your belt, where you have potions, stones of health…), the Forger’s Box, which you can upgrade to Mythic, and which buffs your Power and a random stat.


Insurgencies are only available 1H after Bel goes away. They are available when the Rage of Bel meter is filling on the map. To get there, from the Vallenhas main campfire inside the Stronghold (where you spawn when you teleport to Vallenhas), look on your left. If the insurgencies are available, there will be a red portal there. Enter the portals and kill monsters to fill your amulet.


Once the Rage of Bel meter is full, Bel will spawn for the next hour and will be available through a portal near the Siege Heroic Encounter. You can face him alone (the easy way but you get less rewards, great to learn the mechanics first), or with a group.

The Bel fight has a couple of phases. First phase, you can dps Bel until the first threshold. Then he will teleport to where he spawns, will be invulnerable, and players will have aoes spawning on their feet. If you are playing in a group, you should wait for 3 red warnings to spawn at your feet before you move, so that aoes are all at the same place and the arena is not covered with fire. The fire hurts a lot. One of the player will have a blue orb on their head. It means, they have to look for the boulder, which is indicated by a blue light, and then put the boulder into a catapult (also indicated with a blue light, not just any catapult). Once the boulder hits Bel, he is vulnerable and you’ll deal lots of damage to him, but he will quickly push you away and will be invulnerable again for about 5s. Then you’ll have a couple of other thresholds until you beat him down to 25%. After a last boulder phase, after he pushes you away (not when he’s vulnerable), you will have to use every debuff/daily/power you have to burn him down quickly, because he will fight you while aoes also put the arena on fire. When fighting with a group, there will be fire everywhere if you cannot kill him quickly. If you are alone, you will obtain 4 Infernal Secrets (which you can use to get rewards from Alyssa), +1 per player in the group, to a maximum of 9. There’s also a hard mode, which gives more rewards, but not too many people manage to beat it (even with very good players). You can obtain up to 54 Infernal Secrets every day. That is beating Bel 6 times with a full group.

The Forger’s Box

At the Mythic quality, the Forger’s Box improves Power by 2800, and a random stat (Critical Strike, Accuracy, or Combat Advantage by 1750, or Critical Severity, Action Point gain, or Recharge Speed by 6%), for 30 minutes. It can be renewed every 10 minutes.

To upgrade the Forger’s Box you need Metal Rods, which you can find in many different places (only once you have completed the first series of quests from the Rage of Bel episode).

It’s a nice trinket, but the farm is real ! It’s been improved though.