Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter


⚠ Work in progress !

Companions are very important to upgrade, at least the ones you use as summoned, and for your equip powers. These will give you both high item level, almost always 100% combined ratings (so your percentages stay unchanged), and percentage bonuses for your stats (equip powers). As such, they are one of the highest priority things to work on, at least for your summoned companion and equip powers. The last Bolster points make much less difference (they only give TIL, which is good for regular content, but useless in scaled content).

Summoned Companion

I have still some work to do to know which companions are best to summon (this will come at a later date). So, for now, I'll redirect you to Aragon, who made a very good series of videos on companions. There are many options, from augments / tanks / buffers / debuffers / single target damage dealers / aoe damage dealers / healers, and each companion has their own set of powers, and their positionning (which is important for combat advantage) also differs.

Combat Companions

Let's start with the fact that companions fight with your own stats. That is extremely disapointing in terms of game design (once again), because that means that whatever you are lacking, your companion will be lacking too. Need a tank ? Your companion won't be able to take damage. Need more damage ? Too bad. Want some heals ? I guess that's not that bad for a damage dealer, though Outgoing Healing will be your lowest stat, but very sad for a tank with low Power and Crit stats...

Combat Companions are essential in solo content, to give you Combat Advantage, which means improving your damage by your Combat Advantage percentage when you surround monsters and they have blue stripes at their feet (positionning is key !).

If you are a Damage Dealer, you can use a companion like the Mercenary or Xuna or whatever companion deals the most damage, to improve your damage further. You can watch Aragon's video on single target damage companions for a good benchmark.

But if you are a Tank or a Healer, it's best to have a companion that offers utility (damage mitigation or debuffs). You can watch Aragon's video on support companions to have an idea of how some of them fare.

Healers can also use pretty decent healer companions to help them. You can watch Aragon's video on healer companions for a comparison of many of them.

Augment Companions

A non augment companion is important for solo, to give you combat advantage. But there are places (FBI and MSPC last bosses, CODG, ToMM), where non augment companions can be a pain if they deal too much damage and/or target stuff that should not be hit, so it can be a good idea to have an augment, if non augment companions are still problematic (considering the amount of damage we deal now, I don't think they will be a problem anymore... but we never know...).

The best augment companion for a Healer is the Polar Bear Cub (Power, Critical Strike, Awareness). The best augment companion for a Tank is the Watler (Combat Advantage, Defense, Awareness). The best augment companion for a Damage Dealer, if not the Watler too, for the defensive stats, is the Mini Apparatus of Gond (Combat Advantage, Critical Severity, Accuracy) or the Icosahedron Ioun Stone (Power, Combat Advantage, Critical Strike). The Bulette Pup (Power, Combat Advantage, Defense) is still a very solid choice.

Equip Powers

You can't go wrong with the "Best Equip Powers". Other options may or may not be good or better depending on your build and what your are fighting against.

Companions for Tanks

Best Equip Powers :

Other options :

Companions for Healers

Best Equip Powers :

Other options :

Companions for Damage Dealers

Best Equip Powers :

Other options (stats) :

Other options (extra damage) :

I had high expectations for the following powers, but it seems the damage is calculated based on your Damage stat and definitely not the regular damage formula. So neither your stats nor damage bonuses affect these (so when it's written 150 magnitude, it will effectively deal 1.5 times your Damage stat, the damage will be reduced by your target's Defense, and can be deflected, but it won't benefit from your Power nor outgoing damage bonuses, it won't crit, nor benefit from combat advantage...)... which means they are very underwhelming and very misleading... Craptic™ hit again...