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11th of May 2021

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This is My Opinion

Everything you can read on this website is only my opinion, based on maths and testing stuff ingame. I do not know everything. I cannot test everything (that's not my job in the first place). I can make mistakes or misunderstand the way some items work. And considering the amount of items that do not work as written, there are limits to what I can do. I do my best to provide the highest quality possible, but do not take everything written here as the absolute truth. This is only my opinion. You are fully responsible for whatever action you may take after reading my guide.

The game changes constantly

I do my best to keep this website up to date, but it takes time. I cannot guarantee that everything written is still up to date.

Pages that are outdated after major changes will be marked with a tag (M19, M20...), in the navigation bar, indicating at which module (extension) they stopped being valid. New pages will replace them when I have the time to write them, and old pages will be archived when it's relevant.

A ribbon, at the top right of most pages, also indicates for which module the page is designed, or at which module a campaign went out.

I may update current pages for small changes, precisions, or to fix a mistake. Do not expect everything to be set in stones.


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