Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter
MOD 19

M19 Enchantments

Enchantments are a very big investment for only a couple of thousands of stat points each. Rank 8-9 enchantments are cheap and usually good enough. Upgrading these is not a priority. You should focus on everything else first (especially bonding runestones).

You can have (with a total of 18 enchantments in Offense, Defense, and Utility) :

Also look at : How to upgrade enchantments (also works for Runestones) ?

Offense Enchantments

Here is the list of all the enchantments you can put into Offense slots, and their effect at rank 9 / 15.

Single stat :

Double stats :

Triple stats :

Damage :

Triple stats enchantments actually give more points than double stats or single stat enchantments (enchantments are the best way, with boons, to balance your stats once you've reached very end game, because of this... though the most expensive). While it is crucial to cap your offensive stats, eventually everyone wants Power. Radiants are the only enchantments that really matter for a Healer. Tanks and Damage Dealers will mostly use Radiants too, once they have their stats capped. Damage Dealers who have a high attack speed (Barbarians, Rogues...) can deal good damage with a single high level Tenebrous enchantment.

Defense Enchantments

Here is the list of all the enchantments you can put into Defense slots, and their effect at rank 9 / 15.

Single stat :

Double stats :

Triple stats :

Capping Defense is very important for everyone. Then, more HP means you can survive bigger hits. Healers and Damage Dealers may need one or two Azure or Brutal Enchantments to cap their Defense, but everything else should be Radiants, for the HP. Healers need their Critical Avoidance capped for ToMM, but this can easily be done with a 12k companion gear piece. Tanks can make good use of any enchantment (except Assassins' and Tacticals), as long as they help cap their stats.

Utility Enchantments

Here is the list of all the enchantments you can put into Utility slots, and their effect at rank 9 / 15.

Single stat :

Double stats :

Refinement :

If you are going to dungeons, there are 2 options : Tacticals (especially if you are a Tank, but useful for anyone), or Dark enchantments. Dark enchantments provide about 375 points to all stats + 1350 HP, if you have a legendary augment companion and 3 rank 15 bonding runestones (about 500 to all stats but no HP with a non augment companion). They are good to cap your stats. If you manage to perfectly balance your stats with them, they can be a non negligeable source of Power... But that's not easy to manage and if the result is you only overcap your stats, then they are only useful to your companion (if you use a non augment one). I prefer the Tactical enchantments, as they are always useful and also work with self healing powers / insignia bonuses.

If you are playing solo, refinement enchantments are great ! The chance stacks up when you have multiple enchantments. People say the best one to get is the Quatermaster's one. The bags stack up to 999, and you'll get double refinement items from them if you open them during a Double Refinement event ! Make sure you equip enough Quartermaster enchantments, when you open the bags, for your chance to be at 10.5% or more (11% if you use 6 utility slots for your Quatermasters. You can get a 6th slot from Makos Signet, a ring obtained in the Storm King Thunder campaign), so that the enchantments you get are at least rank 6. Dragon's Hoard and Fey Blessing are also very nice to have to get some refinement points. Apparently, there's a limit to how many items you can get from refinement enchantments every day, so having different ones can yield better results than having only Quatermasters enchantments. Getting some of them at rank 9 early on is a very good idea to be able to upgrade your weapons and artifacts. Upgrading them to higher ranks may not be very worth it though.

Overload Enchantments

Overload enchantments have an expiration date. You can only use them for 1 to 10 hours of combat (depending on the enchantment). Two of the same overload enchantments do not stack, so use different ones. The fact they are pretty small boosts and they don’t last long doesn’t make them good investments in my opinion (of course, for end game trials, any little thing helps).

Dragon Glyphs Enchantments (obtained in dungeons and events related to the Tyranny of Dragons campaign), Lesser ones last for 1H of combat, while Greater ones last for 2H :

Black Ice Enchantments (from the Caer-Konig forge in Icewind Dale). These last for 8H of combat :

Stronghold Enchantments (from the Gemmonger in the Stronghold). These last for 2H of combat :

PvP Enchantments (also from the Gemmonger in the Stronghold). These last for 2H of combat :

Event Enchantments (can be bought during specific events, but pretty expensive for temporary items). These last for 10H :

The best overload enchantments for a Tank are the Greater Purified Black Ice and Greater Corrup Black Ice enchantments. Marks of the "Type" Ward are also very potent, but too specific and do not work on the current high end trial bosses. If you are going to buy event enchantments, the Resiliency of the Depths one is the best.

The best overload enchantments for a Healer are the Lesser and Greater White Dragon Glyphs. Nothing else is half as good.

The best overload enchantments for a Damage Dealer are the Greater Red Dragon Glyph and Greater Corrup Black Ice enchantments. Marks of the "Type" Slayer are also very potent, but too specific and do not work on the current high end trial bosses. If you are going to buy event enchantments, the Rage of Flames one is the best for physical damage dealers.

Armor Enchantments

Survivability :

Damage :

Control :

For real, there’s no better enchantment than a low level Soulforged enchantment to start with. It will save you very often, from very bad situations. Bigby’s hand, permafrost… Your team didn’t help you, or you were somewhere you shouldn’t have been ? You resurrect. No need for a scroll. And rank 7 is as good as rank 14, no need to upgrade it. I absolutely love this enchantment. The only drawback is that sometimes you suffer from multiple stacks of Resurrection Disease and you cannot choose when you will get revived. So, it's fantastic everywhere, except in high end trials.

Tanks are best with the Elven Battle enchantment, for stamina regeneration equals damage you can block, or extra HP as a Barbarian. Damage Dealers and Healers are best with the Barkshield enchantment to block damage if they are hit less often than once every 6 seconds (usually what happens in very end game content if you're playing well enough). If they are hit more often than once every 8 seconds, the Shadowclad enchantment is pretty good. Alternatively, the Bloodtheft enchantment is great on Damage Dealers for self healing. And the Soulforged enchantment is still awesome in most content.

Damage enchantments are only good for solo (or small monsters in dungeons). If you can survive well enough, it can be an option to farm stuff faster, but it's not a necessity.

Weapon Enchantments

Debuffs :

Healing :

Damage :

Control :

Tanks are best with a Bronzewood enchantment (it doesn't stack, so no need to have many of them in the group). Healers are best with the Vorpal enchantment, as critical severity also improves healing (though not as well as it did pre-mod 19). Another alternative is the Holy Avenger enchantment, only drawback being the cooldown. Damage Dealers are best either with the Vorpal enchantment (if their damage mostly comes from encounter powers, like Clerics or Wizards), or Bilethorn enchantment (if they hit fast with their at-wills, like Barbarians or Rogues). The Dread enchantment is an alternative to start with if your Armor Penetration is not fully capped, or most of your damage comes from a non augment companion (like the Chicken or Xuna, which are the only ones that really deal damage). The Lifedrinker or Prominence enchantments are good if you lack survivability in solo content.

How to upgrade enchantments ?


There are many ways to get wards :

I advise buying character slots and invoking your god once a day on each of your characters for free Coalescent wards. These will be useful for upgrading your bonding runestones to rank 15, then your weapon enchantment and all of your enchantments.

Never use a coalescent ward for anything but a 1% chance of success. And never buy Coalescent wards, even for a 1% chance of success : regular wards are more cost efficient on the long run. There’s a 36% chance you will use more than 100 wards on a single upgrade, 9% chance you will use more than 1000 wards on 10 upgrades, 1% chance you will use more than 3000 wards on 30 upgrades (maths there). Unless you are very unlucky, buying regular wards will save you about 23% of the cost on the long run. Of course, if you have a Coalescent Ward, use it. Here is the table for the details and average number of wards required for any upgrade.

You can also have plenty of wards from events like the Summer / Winter Festivals, get the rewards with all of your characters !

Always use a ward when upgrading anything that requires rank 4 or higher marks of potency, or rank 5 or higher enchanting stones. Wards are cheaper than the materials you would lose if you failed (you never lose the item, only the materials to upgrade it).

Enchanting Stones

You can get plenty of enchanting stones from the Dread Ring campaign. Farm the campaign and exchange currency to get keys for the lairs. When a Double Refinement event comes, farm the Phantasmal Fortress (eastern lair) on a Thurday, Saturday, or Sunday (you only get enchanting stones on these days in this lair, and it’s the fastest lair to run. Other lairs loot enchanting stones on other days). Make sure to start after the time the events start, not at the daily reset (event reset is about 8h after daily reset). Dread Ring days are reset at the same time events are, so if you come on Saturday before the time events reset, you won’t get enchanting stones. You can get enchanting stones up to rank 5 with this method.

Enchanting stones rank 6 are found in higher end dungeons (T9G, CR, LoMM, CoDG, ToMM…). You can get them in both chests, and they are doubled during Double Refinement events. Cradle of the Death God (CoDG) is often run during this event : it can be done in less than 15 minutes with a proper group, but the mechanics are a bit hard to get. Just run whatever dungeon you like the most that drop them. You will eventually get plenty. Reroll tokens from VIP are great to use in these dungeons to get more of them.

You can also get them from time to time from lootboxes (you get a daily key with VIP).

Marks of Potency

Marks of Potency can be bought in the Wondrous Bazaar with Astral Diamonds. They are pretty expensive but VIP 12 reduces their price by 25%. Their price is reduced by 15% more (for a total 40% reduction) during Wondrous Bazaar sale events.

You can also get them from Sybella in Protector’s Enclave by completing her quests (and advancing Legacy Campaigns faster).

You can also get up to rank 5 Marks of Potency from the Gauntlet in the Dread Ring campaign.

And you can get them from time to time from lootboxes (you get a daily key with VIP).

DO NOT sell and buy the next upgrade !

You are only getting 90% of whatever you sell in the auction house. 10% go to fees. If you want to buy from the auction house, buy the highest rank you can afford, then upgrade them to the maximum rank yourself. You can sell rank 9 enchantments, but higher ranks cost a lot of auction house fees.