Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter

Previous Updates


August 2021

The Mod 21 page for the Cleric Class is now available in the Early Access section !

The High Level priorities for Mod20 are now available for everyone ! It already needs a small refresh with mod 21, but it's small stuff like item level values for queues and the new Adventure system. It will be updated very soon for everyone.

The page for Leveling needs a proper rework though. And I'll work on it soon too.

I still hope to complete the database soon (working on the Cleric page was way too much work). This will be the last big thing I develop here.

I've worked for more than a full year on this website. It was a small project at first, and it ended up being colossal and really not worth my time lately. Plus, the state of the game makes everything way more complicated than it should be, and I'm wasting tons of time testing every single thing... and that's just too much work. I'm not being paid by Cryptic to be their quality control team, and I just hate the way things are nowadays, to the point I've only played a single dungeon during mod 20. So I'm only completing the few things I want done, as a last experience before I start working on other projects, which are not dependant on a cryptic studio... The website will still be there for you, and I'll probably keep updating it, as long as it's just small things. Ads will probably cover the costs of the servers (barely but that should be good enough) so there's no risk of the website closing any time soon. I'm more worried about Cryptic changing everything entirely again, which would make it obsolete again (thanks mod 20, I hate you)... and I will not waste my time on updating everything again from scratch. So expect next month to be my last month as a Neverwinter full time content creator. Working on the website was a great experience. It's just a shame that the game became what it is, and that I can't make it a sustainable business (even working 1 week a month on this would not be worth it). But I'll be developping another project, which I've left because of my eyes, for the past 3 years, and now I'm feeling better and ready to get back to work (though it's another personnal project I'll really have to make profitable this time).

July 2021

The High Level Priorities for Mod20 are now available in the Early Access section !

The Stats Calculator for Mod20 is now available for everyone !

I also added a table of contents on pages where there were none yet and reworded a few things on many pages, especially campaigns, to make them more up to date.

Now I'm only missing the Equipment page (for which I want to complete a proper database), and I'll also update the Cleric page soon. I'm going through small health issues (nothing to worry about but it's about my eyes, so I cannot work as much as I'd want). It will be fixed soon (and hopefully won't come back, crossing fingers...). The good news is that almost everything will still be relevant for mod 21. I will continue to update the website, but considering it's not worth it for me to continue working on this, I will prioritize other projects. The good news is that when the database for items will be complete, unless there are major changes in the game, it won't take too long to keep stuff up to date. It is clear though that I won't be able to work as much as I did for the past year (it's pretty much been a full time job). So let's hope they fix the game and don't change everything entirely again, otherwise that's as far as I'll go.

⚠ Corrections

Corrected the Charm of the Serpent Artifact : in the game it's written that monsters take 16% more damage both at Legendary and Mythic with its active power, in reality it's 8% at Legendary and 10% at Mythic. Thank tooltip inaccuracy because they still are not generated automatically... Also added the Decanter of Atropal Essence as a good artifact for solo.

Also corrected the BiS Companion Enhancement Power : Dulled Senses is actually not as good as Armor Break (it is only better when your Combat Advantage is very low in the first place, or when you fight enemies with high Awareness in PVP, but it's not really practical since it's not easy to get combat advantage there). So use Armor Break if you have it !

Relegated the Netherise Arcanist to other options for Damage Dealers' Companion Equip Powers : turns out it has an internal cooldown and it provides a hit which is affected by your target's Defense and Deflect stats again... So it's very situational and only good for low attack speed attackers against single targets, and very bad if you have high frequency attacks. Honestly I hate that kind of tests that cost millions of AD to find out nothing works as written at all...

And currently, neither the Mount Combat Powers Ferocity nor Providence boost damage at all with many powers like the Cleric's power : Forgemaster's Flame... So forget about them, or make sure to test them properly to know if they will work for you. Providence still heals, so it's not completely lost, but the effect is quite marginal, especially because of the cooldown. The more you test, the more you end up finding out nothing works as it's supposed to, and doing maths alone is not enough, and I should really ask Craptic a salary for testing their mess... So yeah, sorry nothing works in this game.

June 2021

The Stats Calculator for Mod20 is now available in the Early Access section ! It comes with a tool to calculate how your damage/mitigation/healing is affected with different items, so you can compare which is the best for you ! That was tough, but I finally did it !

Pages for Artifacts and Boons are now available for everyone !

May 2021

This is a big update for me, as you will now see ads on the website. Please, do not use an ad blocker on this website if you want more content to come !

I also worked on the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, so that you can read all about how this website works from now on.

And I added a ribbon on most of the pages for more visibility on which content is up to date or not, and from which module comes which campaign.

I've also updated the Companions page. It still needs some work, but it's starting to look like a real page.

April 2021

Mod 20 pages for Boons and Artifacts are now available in Early Access.

I also updated the Leveling page for everyone, a bit more detailed now, and all good for mod 20.

March 2021

I wrote the pages for Mounts and the List of Mounts for mod 20.

I've been working on the database and many other tools for the past weeks, and it's going to take a bit more time, but it's going in a proper direction. I have administrative things to work on, and I'll put ads on the website to make sure it can live longer. So I'm not sure I'll be able to release more content this month. I still hope to complete the update in April.

February 2021

You can now make an account here, to get access to a newsletter, to be informed about what I'm working on.

I reworked the Stats, Races, Ability Scores, and Enchantments for module 20. I also started working on Companions.

You can also look at my work on Stats on Preview and on the Best Enchantments, published on Reddit.

January 2021

I worked on the Accounts, to be able to send you a newsletter, and to give people who support me an Early Access to my work in the future.


December 2020

Reworked the Leveling page (Energon is now the best starting companion since green augments are now 10-20 times more expensive than they were before). Added a paragraph about the importance of Invoking your Deity.

Added the Forsaken Lockbox mounts (Polar Siege Bear and Brown Siege Bear), the Divine Wings and the Twilight Festival one.

Completed my Stats Calculator !

Entirely reworked the Priorities category to make it more visible. And added a Character Creation page.

And you can look at my article on the Stats on Preview on Reddit !

November 2020

With the mount rework, I made a list of mounts. It can be filtered by Equip Power, Combat Power, Insignia Bonuses, Quality, Name... I've digged up all the information I could find about them ! I also reworked a bit the Undermoutain and Path of the Fallen campaigns. I also updated the Gear section accordingly.

October 2020

This is an entire rework of my Guide for Clerics on MMoMinds. It has been updated to work for every class, though only the Powers of the Clerics are detailled yet (others are coming as soon as I find the time). This is still a work in progress. Hopefully, this is only the beginning !