Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter

Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter

Hello Adventurers ! This is a guide for every player of the video game Neverwinter, which is a Free to Play game available on PC (via the Arc launcher, Steam, or Epic Games), Playstation, and Xbox. I've worked months to give you a proper guide on every aspect of the game. I hope it will answer most of your questions !

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Last Updates on the Website

July 2021

The High Level Priorities for Mod20 are now available in the Early Access section !

The Stats Calculator for Mod20 is now available for everyone !

I also added a table of contents on pages where there were none yet and reworded a few things on many pages, especially campaigns, to make them more up to date.

Now I'm only missing the Equipment page (for which I want to complete a proper database), and I'll also update the Cleric page soon. I'm going through small health issues (nothing to worry about but it's about my eyes, so I cannot work as much as I'd want). It will be fixed soon (and hopefully won't come back, crossing fingers...). The good news is that almost everything will still be relevant for mod 21. I will continue to update the website, but considering it's not worth it for me to continue working on this, I will prioritize other projects. The good news is that when the database for items will be complete, unless there are major changes in the game, it won't take too long to keep stuff up to date. It is clear though that I won't be able to work as much as I did for the past year (it's pretty much been a full time job). So let's hope they fix the game and don't change everything entirely again, otherwise that's as far as I'll go.

⚠ Corrections

Corrected the Charm of the Serpent Artifact : in the game it's written that monsters take 16% more damage both at Legendary and Mythic with its active power, in reality it's 8% at Legendary and 10% at Mythic. Thank tooltip inaccuracy because they still are not generated automatically... Also added the Decanter of Atropal Essence as a good artifact for solo.

Also corrected the BiS Companion Enhancement Power : Dulled Senses is actually not as good as Armor Break (it is only better when your Combat Advantage is very low in the first place, or when you fight enemies with high Awareness in PVP, but it's not really practical since it's not easy to get combat advantage there). So use Armor Break if you have it !

Relegated the Netherise Arcanist to other options for Damage Dealers' Companion Equip Powers : turns out it has an internal cooldown and it provides a hit which is affected by your target's Defense and Deflect stats again... So it's very situational and only good for low attack speed attackers against single targets, and very bad if you have high frequency attacks. Honestly I hate that kind of tests that cost millions of AD to find out nothing works as written at all...

And currently, neither the Mount Combat Powers Ferocity nor Providence boost damage at all with many powers like the Cleric's power : Forgemaster's Flame... So forget about them, or make sure to test them properly to know if they will work for you. Providence still heals, so it's not completely lost, but the effect is quite marginal, especially because of the cooldown. The more you test, the more you end up finding out nothing works as it's supposed to, and doing maths alone is not enough, and I should really ask Craptic a salary for testing their mess... So yeah, sorry nothing works in this game.

Previous Updates

Mod 21 is coming with the Bard !

After a while without new classes, being announced last year, we finally know which of the Artificer, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, or Monk, is coming : the next class in Neverwinter will be the Bard ! Read more about it here !

Also, you can already get a sneak peek at mod 21 here ! The leveling experience will change quite a lot !

Mod 21 will be Live on July 27 on PC and about one month later on consoles.

Mod 20 is Live !

Neverwinter: Sharandar is released since February 16 on PC and March 16 on Console. Look at the news here !

Old Sharandar was removed from the game entirely. You will keep your boon points. New Sharandar will reward new boon points, on top of the old ones (for those who didn't get them yet).

⚠ Disclaimer !

Due to the massive update of the stat system, there are a couple of pages here that still need a rework. Every page with the M19 prefix will be updated soon.

There were also big changes about Bonding Runestones and Companions. You can exchange your Bonding Runestones right now for AD at the exchange vendor in Protector's Enclave (next to Lord Neverember and Sybella, on the other side of the platform compared to Sybella), as they are now useless. Wait before investing too much into companions, as people find out which are the best to use.

Who am I ?

Hi ! I am Astrielle@Obikin89, Devout Cleric, playing on PS4, in the Dominion of Lost Souls guild.

I’ve been playing since the 4th of September 2018 (mod 14). And, progressing at a steady pace, I have beaten LoMM and IC on the day they were available (without buying campaign accelerators). I finally beat ToMM (in mod 18) and got my Lionheart weapons thanks to fantastic training runs with my guild. I am looking forward to beating Zariel !

Since mid 2020, I've worked full time on this website, to bring you the best guide possible. At first it was a small project to rehabilitate myself to the web technologies after having eye problems for years (it's not fully over but it's getting better). Because of the mod 21 combat changes, it ended up being a way bigger thing.