Obikin89's Guide for Neverwinter

Welcome !

This guide is for every player of Neverwinter. I've worked months to give you a proper guide on every aspect of the game. I hope it will answer most of your questions !

⚠ Disclaimer !

Due to the massive update of the stat system, most of the content here needs a rework. Every page with the M19 prefix will be updated soon.

There were also big changes about Bonding Runestones and Companions. You can exchange your Bonding Runestones right now for AD at the exchange vendor in Protector's Enclave (next to Lord Neverember and Sybella, on the other side of the platform compared to Sybella), as they are now useless. Wait before investing too much into companions, as people find out which are the best to use.

To understand the new system, you can either support me, to have an early access on the new page on Stats and future content, or look at the post I've made on Reddit about Stats on Preview (which are still the same on Live).

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If you like my guide, think it's helpful, that it saved you time or resources, please consider supporting me. Working on this is extremely time consumming (it's really a full time job), and I need your support to be able to give you more content and good updates !

Whether you pick Patreon or Paypal, you will receive 31 days of Early Access if you support me for 3€ a month. Make sure to create an account first. I will ask you to send me your username the first time you support me.

Mod 20 is coming !

Neverwinter: Sharandar will release February 9 on PC and March 9 on Console. Look at the news here !

Old Sharandar will go away from the game entirely. You will keep your boon points. New Sharandar will reward new boon points, on top of the old ones (for those who didn't get them yet).

Last Updates

February 2021

You can now make an account here, to get access to a newsletter, to be informed about what I'm working on. If you are supporting me with 3€ a month, I will also give you access to the Early Access section, in which you will be able to see all of my latest content earlier than everyone else !

I reworked the Stats, Races, Ability Scores, and started working on Companions for module 20. It is available now in the Early Access, and will be available for everyone when Module 20 hits consoles (9th of March). If you cannot afford supporting me, you can still look at my work on Stats on Preview, published on Reddit (they are still the same on Live).

Previous Updates

Who am I ?

Hi ! I am Astrielle@Obikin89, Devout Cleric, playing on PS4, in the Dominion of Lost Souls guild.

I’ve been playing since the 4th of September 2018 (mod 14). And, progressing at a steady pace, I have beaten LoMM and IC on the day they were available (without buying campaign accelerators). I finally beat ToMM recently (in mod 18) and got my Lionheart weapons thanks to fantastic training runs with my guild. I am looking forward to beating Zariel !