Obikin89's Requiem for Neverwinter

Epic Dungeons

Most of them are pretty easy. But there are a couple of things you need to know for some of them.

The general rule is : avoid the red areas, stand close to your party (to be able to heal everyone with a single BoH), and try to give your party combat advantage by standing on the opposite side of the monsters.

There are 13 Epic Dungeons :

Temple of the Spider


On last boss, the tank has to intercept a ray that will heal the boss. But it puts a dot on the tank. Better remove it with Cleansing Light.

Cragmire Crypts


On last boss, there will be aoes everywhere. Problem is : they are not always displayed properly. So, if you are taking damage over time, move until you don’t. If there is fire everywhere, you can put out the fire with one of the barrels in the back of the room, but this will enrage the boss, so kill him fast !

Gray Wolf Den


On last boss, when the boss becomes immune to damage, a red wolf will spawn. It has to be killed close to the boss for you to be able to damage the boss again.

Malabog’s Castle


On last boss, someone can get grabbed. Free them (or heal them) or they will die.

Castle Never


First boss : do not stay too close to one another. When you are chained with someone (green chain), move away from them. If you get too close, both of you (and those around) will take lots of damage.

Second boss : just make sure not to stand on the red squares when gravity gets funky.

Area after second boss : you can skip most of the monsters by jumping on the furnitures on the sides of the room (rigth / left / right). You will then reach an area with big green orbs which deal quite high damage. Avoid them, or dodge through them. Take the left passage, just after the door at the left side of the end of the corridor, to avoid monsters. There is a group of monsters in the last room before the campfire. Don’t go there alone. Or rush to the campfire if you are having trouble.

Last boss : do not stand too close to each others, green chains are back. Beware to the green orbs that spawn when the boss raises its hands : they are deadly and move around.

Fangbreaker Island (FBI)


First boss : When the boss is not in the arena, get close to the wall, or you will be pushed away. Red areas apply poison. Use Cleansing Light as often as needed.

Second boss : Stay on the side, not directly in front of the boss. Do not hit runes randomly. You need them to hit the boss when it emerges.

Third boss : when the boss goes on a side, get close to it and move to it, or it will push you against the opposite wall and you’ll take lots of damage. Always look at your feet. Avoid the ice, do not hit it. Stay away from it. If someone gets caught by the ice, help them or they will die. When the boss goes to the sea side, it will kill anyone who is not hidding behind the ice. These phases happen at 50% and 25% of the boss health bar. Do not rush the dps, or you will have no ice to hide behind. From time to time, someone will have an aoe on them with arrows toward them. This is the time for a group hug ! Damage is shared between players, one Bastion of Health and everyone is at full life again. If they are alone in the aoe, they are almost guaranteed to die (unless they are the tank).

Spellplague Caverns (MSPC)

DO NOT trigger all the encounters. Stay away from anything that stands out. It’s a pain to have to fight 3 times too many monsters to reach the end.

First boss : the boss is immune to damage until you pull a fire orb to it. You need to kill enemies that spawn in the middle first. Always stand either in the inner or outer section where the boss is. It will often put on fire the other section. Better stay close to the boss. From time to time, you will be chained with another player. These chains deal damage to you. Break them by putting the chain in a fire orb (they spawn when you kill bigger enemies). There will be a phase where you are chained with the boss (which will stand in the middle of the arena), kill the monsters around to make fire orbs spawn. Do not get close to the boss until everyone is freed and the boss has returned on the ground. Once you have killed it, get away from the fire orb. People often get killed by it.

Second boss : stay in the middle of the arena. Look away from the boss when an eye appears above it. Make sure not to fall after the boss jumps. There’s a small red area on the ground before it jumps, you will be pushed away when it lands. You can reduce the impact of the push by moving towards the boss. DO NOT jump : you would be pushed further away and would be guaranteed to fall.

Third boss : same eye mechanic. Except this time, you can get infected by a damage over time (DoT), indicated by a big dark horned head on top of your character… The only way to get rid of the damage (which gets bigger and bigger, and can be very tough to handle if it lasts too long), is to look at the boss in the eye. This DoT spreads to players around the infected (5' range), so always stay far away enough from other players, so that you don't get infected or you don't infect others. At 80% and 50%, there will be tentacles. After killing them, a dps has to take a yellow portal to kill the planar tears that remain there. At 25%, 5 planar tears will spawn around the arena. Kill them fast, then everyone must take a portal to avoid Nostura's attack that would kill you. Then you’ll be able to kill the boss. Do not rush the phases by hurting the boss over its thresholds, or you may trigger a death flag.

Valindra’s Tower


On last boss, there are phases where you need to avoid specters and aoe’s on the ground. You can avoid the aoe’s by dodging at the proper timing. Do not go too fast, try to go in the same direction with your group. Usually people turn clockwise around the boss during this phase. The boss will also summon Soul Caskets all around the room, get close to them to destroy them (it’s an action, no need to hit them), or monsters will spawn and submerge you.

Lair of Lostmauth


On last boss, do not stand directly behind it, better be on the sides. Stay close to it. Orbs which deal lots of damage are turning around at a middle range. Lava comes and goes in different sections of the arena. Avoid it at all costs. When the boss goes away, get to the middle platform, everything else will be under lava. Beware to spikes falling on the ground, they will push you away from the platform if you are not careful during this phase.

Tomb of the Nine Gods (T9G)


At the beginning, there are 3 ways, the right way is indicated by a face on a wall. You’ll then come into a big room in which there are pictures in the middle and sarcophages (and monsters) around. You just have to activate the sarcophages which have the same picture behind them than on the ground in the middle of the room.

There are enigmas along the way. If you get potions, people should drink them and indicate to others which color they are (we often use the first letter of the color, so P for Purple, B for Blue…). You just have to stand on the stale with the animal colored with the same color. There are 10 potions. It doesn’t matter who takes them. If you get relics on pedestrals, you have to find the correct sequence to activate them. It’s trial and error. Make a mistake, start again. Everyone can participate at the same time, it doesn’t interfere with others. If you do not care about the enigmas (for which you are rewarded), and cross the door (don’t be that guy), you will have a punishment game which is about as long (if not longer) but doesn’t get you rewards.

First boss : there are 3 pedestrals you can activate after turning around a big room. The left pedestral makes the user invulnerable : they will have to intercept green orbs that spawn in the corners of the arena and follow a player (they are linked with a green chain). If they touch someone, this person dies. Look at everyone to know where the orbs are and who they are targeting. As soon as you see a green chain, rush to the orb. Multiple orbs can spawn at the same time. The middle pedestral makes the user deal more damage against adds but less against the boss. The right pedestral makes the user deal more damage against the boss but less against the adds. As a healer, I always take the left one so that dps can focus on hitting the boss and tank doesn’t have anything to worry about (they take the middle one). But if someone else takes the left one, I take the middle one, so that nobody has a damage debuff against the boss.

Second boss : Break the capsule, and kill the boss. I wish it were that simple. There can be water. If there is, get out of the water if you have a target on you or there will be electricity and you will be paralysed all the time, which makes healing very hard. Someone can get grabbed and you must free them or they die. It’s not an hard boss, but it’s the most annoying one because of the electricity.

Third boss : puts people on fire with its first attack (and any time it does it again), use Cleansing Light to make things easier. When a ghost appears on one side of the arena, rush to the other side and stay there until the ghost pulls everyone. When monsters spawn, focus the souls at all costs. If the souls are not killed, they fill a meter on the right side of your screen. If it’s full, it’s a party wipe. As long as dps focus the souls, it’s pretty easy. But healing can be tough because the boss will apply armor debuffs which cannot be cleansed… And people will take big damages if the debuff is too high.

Castle Ravenloft (CR)

First boss : someone has to take the book in the middle of the arena. They will draw the attention of the ghosts for them to not interfere with the fight (pull them to the other side of the arena). When one boss is down, everyone must rush to the middle to destroy the portal of power that spawns there. It’s a party wipe if it’s not destroyed fast enough. Repeat until all 3 are dead.

Second boss : it’s a dps rush. When the boss starts whirlwinding, he becomes immune to damage. Pull him to a pillar to stop him. If all 4 pillars are broken, it’s your last chance before a party wipe. Just don’t stand in front of it, and things should be fine.

Third boss : a dps has to take the sword. Before going in, everyone can use the sword to get a buff. Always stay together. You will have to face big bursts of damage. If someone has an aoe with arrows towards them, they have to move close to the candles on the sides of the room to avoid being attacked by the bats (do not wait, as they deal lots of damage). You can be teleported in a room with ghouls. Do not hurt them, run away. Hide behind a pillar, then another… stay there if the ghouls stop following you. Red flames indicate where big aoes will strike. You do not have much time to move away. They hurt a lot. During each phase, you will have to get the sword back, hit the boss, sustain damage, kill 4 monsters around the arena… At the end (25%), everyone has to go to the center of the room, and the one with the sword has to use its daily power at the right moment (when the boss says “raise me to the heavens”) to protect everyone. Then you finish the boss.

Lair of the Mad Mage (LoMM)


First boss : everyone has to pick a corner, tank and healer will be together (usually at green corner). Mimics will spawn in these corners, and your duty is to kill the mimics before they reach the middle of the room. Otherwise, monsters will spawn and submerge you. After the mimic phase, someone will be pulled in a cocoon and put to low HP. They must be fully healed right away or they will die and take everyone around with them. Do not stand too close to the cocoon to avoid taking damage. And that’s about it.

Second boss : Hit the boss. Avoid the center of the room when the boss is not there (insta perma death). Kill the boulders before they reach the center. After the boulder phase, rush to the entrance gate and stay together. That’s where the healer has to use all they’ve got to make everyone survive the consecutive attacks. If people are away from the aoe, they make the others take more damage, so always stay together. If you are alone in the aoe, you are dead. The second time, monsters will spawn. You have to kill most of them (leave one or two alive, this stops the boss from attacking when its attacks hit the monsters), while staying together. If there is a big red aoe on you, move away and try to dodge it. If you are hit, people close to the boss will take damage (it’s not much but every little thing helps).

Third boss : tank can position themself to wake the scorpions up with the boss attacks. Dps have to focus the scorpions. They hit hard. If the boss is rushed, all the scorpions can wake up together and may kill the party. Take your time and keep your powers for scorpions. From time to time, people will be chained together with a + or – sign. If it’s the same sign, they will be pushed away from one another (stay close to the middle to avoid being pushed too far away). If it’s a different sign, they will be pulled to one another, and if they get too close, they will take damage and get a debuff to damage (it can and must be cleansed). Then, it’s a dps race to destroy the 4 pillars around the arena. Once they are destroyed, everyone will take lots of damage, proportionnal to the time it took to destroy the pillars. It’s time for damage mitigation. Then you can kill the boss, but beware of the scorpions if you are not fast enough.

The Infernal Citadel (IC)

Not in the random queues.


First Boss

3 demons will give you their powers to “help” you. You must choose which will help you.

It is very recommanded to have everyone in the party use the same power, otherwise you will be split and a bug may occur that will prevent the boss from spawning. In which case, you will have to wipe and start again. People generally take the power from Urzuuroch : it makes breaking the chains much faster and the other powers are unneccessary anyway.

Then you will have to choose which path you will take. You can either break a portal or a spore. Breaking both portals or spores will prevent them from spawning during the boss fight. It is largely preferable to break both portals so that adds do not spawn during the boss fight.

The fight itself is quite easy (though hard on the tank). Never stay in front of the boss : it can charge and all of its attacks will cleave and deal damage to everyone it faces. When the boss launches into the air, stay close to it and don’t move : this should be enough to avoid taking damage. From time to time, it will deal some damage and bump those behind it : this is very manageable. As long as the tank can sustain the damage and block when necessary, and the damage dealers destroy the spores when they spawn so that there’s not poison everywhere, it’s quite an easy fight.

Second Boss

The hardest one, to some extent. It’s clearly a tough one. You will need to heal continuously a tank that will fight for their life. It will be especially tough if your tank doesn’t have capped defense (85k) and critical avoidance (90k for Barbarians and Fighters, 100k for Paladins), and as much deflection (capped at 85k) and HP (at least 700k) as possible. The way the tank will move is crucial to the fight. If dps are running in every corner, you won’t able to save them all : focus on healing the tank. Tank should circle around the arena while others stay in the middle or at least not too far away so that healing them is easier.

The boss must not face anyone but the tank or people will die. The tank must always be visible from the boss or the boss will target someone else.

During phase 1, there will be big red AOEs on the ground that will spawn under everyone’s feet. These are deadly. And I mean really, whatever your HP and defensive stats. When they spawn : move away. These will continue appearing during the whole fight.

At 75/50/25/7%, the boss will teleport to the middle and 2 imps will grab players. Players should be saved from the imps and hide behind pillars. The boss will explode and, unless you are very tanky and very lucky, you won’t survive. I did survive once, with almost no life remaining, and I think I deflected the attack (and I was at full life, 460k HP, before being grabbed by the imp).

During phase 2, starting with the first boss explosion, everyone will be targeted with a small aoe. When that happens, simply count to 3 : position yourself so that at 3 you are somewhere where it’s okay to have fire until the next threshold/boss explosion (if you can sustain the damage, put them where there’s already fire, close to the pillars). At 4, fire will spawn where you were the previous second. Just get the proper timing and/or keep moving to avoid the damage.

This boss is tough, but it can “easily” be finished by just a tank+healer, so do not despair if your dps are dead and there’s not too much life remaining on the boss (otherwise it would take ages). The only problem is you will probably have to use a scroll on the next threshold. But there’s no time limit.

One interesting thing to note, which is actually a key to making this fight way easier (though it would require very good knowledge on the attack timings), is that if the boss cannot see you, you will not be targeted by any aoe : nor the big deadly ones, nor the small annoying ones. This means, as a healer, you can easily hide constantly behind a pillar while healing the tank with aoes (it requires some precision but it’s not that hard). Healing the tank will be a bit harder, but not being targeted by anything is nice. Doing this is not always a good idea. It really depends on the group.

The main thing is to stay very close together so that you can easily escape the big aoes and they are not all over the place.

As it is a very intense fight, Divine Glow is very recommanded to sustain your divinity.

Third Boss

Now, this is the tough one. The strategy is simple : avoid the attacks, and do not break the ground too fast. But the execution is a bit harder and you will need good team efforts to make it. That one cannot be beaten with half of the team dead from the start.

During the whole fight, everyone will be targeted by small aoes (bombardment attack). Just like for the previous fight, you can move to place the aoe where you want it to land. As soon as the aoe is ready to land (it will be fully darker red and you will hear a sound), move or you will die. These aoes break the tiles on which they land, so always make sure to make the aoe hit a single tile, otherwise the arena will be destroyed faster. If you move on a destroyed tile, you will die. A tile can sustain 1 hit before breaking. If the whole group is targeted, everyone should regroup on a single tile (preferably one in a corner, which is already damaged). If a single person is targeted, they should move on an undamaged tile, preferably in a corner, so that the arena does not become smaller. The goal is to kill the boss before the arena is destroyed.

Now, the attacks you will have to avoid (they are cyclical) :

The main thing to remember is that the boss will always use its laser(s) attack after a group bombardment. And right after the laser(s), it will chain the tank.

As soon as you are capable of avoiding all the attacks, it’s really about coordinating with your team. The only tough part (well, everything is tough, but as far as healing is concerned) is being able to heal the tank on the chain attack. If they do not have their defensive stats capped, the damage spike may kill them (especially if they take a critical hit). Then it’s really a matter of being with good dps. As long as they can stay alive until the end, and they do good damage, if you do not break the arena too fast, it will work out.